Project Description

Database Management System

“Black Line Consulting is one of the best hidden gems in Chicago’s IT community. Excellent communication, planning, and successful execution, across a myriad of different projects and platforms puts Black Line as my first stop with any new or existing project. “

-Aaron Gross, Chief Technology Officer, Strategic Digital Signage

Client: Strategic Digital Signage (SDS)

Overview: SDS designs, installs, and manages company’s smart digital signage networks.  SDS came to Black Line Consulting to assist in organizing and managing the database for in-store kiosks for one of the largest furniture retailers in the world. They looked to Black Line to fix inefficiencies from a previous build and were looking to partner with a company with ample support, quick turnaround, true documentation and quality control practices in place.

Challenges: The challenge that SDS was facing was in the organization of the current database, filtering features not working correctly, and slow loading times.

How Product helped: Black Line has implemented correct filtering features and organized the data to be pulled correctly. The database was originally 8GB and was cleaned up to just 24 MB, reducing unnecessary information and speeding up the system.

Black Line was instrumental in rebuilding the current application to display the organizations product line in a more streamlined fashion. The rebuild allowed the application to run faster, update more easily and create a better user experience on the kiosk.

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