Project Description

637_LogoExel was founded in 1980 and has since become the world leader in precision finishing and extrusion equipment.  It is a manufacturer of Kremlin, Sames and Rexson products and supplies equipment to markets ranging from small wood and general industrial to tier 1 and 2 automotive suppliers.  Exel’s success is measured by its customers’ success and all of its efforts are focused on ensuring their customers stay competitive through the use of efficient, high performance equipment.  Exel has locations in Paris, France and Livonia, Michigan.

Problem: Exel management made a strategic decision to consolidate the North American operations into one location in the US by combining the Livonia and West Chicago offices.  It was decided that the operations in Livonia represented a more strategic location to business represented there and West Chicago operations were most likely the least impacted.  Therefore, Exel asked BLC to assist in the move of the West Chicago location.

Goals for the move included:

  • Limited Downtime – Downtime is limited only to scheduled days and times so that the company can continue to run efficiently
  • Systems are Operational for business – All business systems need to be operational at the targeted date and time
  • All external organizations are able to connect to Livonia and conduct business accordingly
  • Internal network in Livonia is fully functional and able to conduct business as usual
  • New computer room is designed and organized in order to meet expected service levels

Solution: BLC engineers and project managers created and implemented a comprehensive move plan that incorporated the least amount of downtime risk and the greatest amount of pro-activity. Black Line personnel performed as much work prior to the physical move as possible.  BLC engineers packed up the West Chicago location and made necessary network changes.  They then transported, unloaded and reset up the equipment at the Livonia location.  After setting up the equipment the engineers tested and troubleshot any service issues that may have occurred from moving the equipment.  The project was on schedule, on budget and met the project goals.