Project Description

Automated Workflow System

Client: Provides master scheduling and REAL inspection related services. They partner with lenders, borrowers, and inspectors.

Overview: They were looking for an automated workflow system and chose to partner with BLC to streamline their property inspection process. They went from a complicated, time consuming manual method to an efficient, automated process.

Challenges: The client relied on a manual method of sifting through excel spreadsheets to find out which properties needed inspections. This was time consuming and prone to human error.

How product helped: Black Line has implemented a solution that puts the excel files into an import tool and automatically finds the properties that need inspections done. This custom system follows their workflow and keeps track of scheduling, invoicing, and payroll. There are various reports that can be ran for inspectors or lenders. Their personnel can also set up custom push notifications for various items of their choosing.

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