Project Manager/Business Analyst

Full Time

All Locations

About the position: 

This position combines several responsibilities to address the many needs of Black Line’s clients, primarily within our Software portfolio. In general, the goal of this position is to successfully guide the software engineering staff in the full end-to-end management, deployment, and communication related to all software development projects. This person would also be assisting with other PM-related duties in the business, such as coordination with non-software projects/clients and/or leader-to-leader coordination.

Must haves:

  • Experience with managing multiple projects at once
  • Has a background coding and/or has demonstrated working-knowledge of the software development process
  • Impeccable communication skills (both written and verbal) to communicate clearly with both customers and internal BL team members
  • Organizational skills to successfully track and manage projects from start to finish
  • Business acumen to be able to navigate through both customer-related and internal BL situations


  • Assist with standardizing and enforcing policies, procedures, and how we go through the software project lifecycle to provide consistency and a Gold Standard level of service to our customers
  • Identify opportunities for adjustment or improvement to better the software sales and/or project lifecycle, and collaborate with the necessary dpt leaders to implement
  • Coordinate with the Senior Engineers on the utilization of the required team members to address client needs. This includes projects, support, and maintenance activities.
  • Collaborate with Sales team to schedule resources to aid in proposal and sales efforts.
  • Collaborate with network division engineers when software engineers are needed for client requests
  • Monthly review of software resource billing along with the Senior Engineers to verify accuracy and that it meets with client expectations.
  • Provide client communication on proactive status reports, statuses of requests, projects and other expectations. Provide triage of “admin” related client communication to reduce software engineer distractions.
  • Act as a liaison between the customer and Senior Dev team regarding project requests
  • Respond and manage Client requests for proposal and requests for products and services. Including the coordination of approved orders through Black Line processes.
    • Keep all communication documented and saved in central location
  • Coordinate with Senior Engineers and technical staff to ensure Client issues are being addressed according to agreements and expectations.
  • Ensure that software engineers are following established software development standards and Black Line procedures. Identify improvements or adjustments to software development processes and document accordingly
  • Keep Black Line Management Team informed with status and progress.
  • Serve as the liaison between the Client and the Software engineering team
  • Participate alongside the sales team in the pre-sales efforts on software-related projects
  • Review proposed Client requirements and scope of project to develop execution plan with the Senior Engineers, and establish a clear vision/goal for the outcome of the project
  • Identify questions, clarifications, or other missing components of project scope in order to manage appropriately.
  • Collaborate with Sales and Engineering staff to create project-estimates
  • Collaborate with Client and Senior Engineers to establish schedule, milestones, expectations of project deliverables
    • Responsible for holding both Client and BL team accountable to production timelines
  • Ensure that Black Line project management and task management systems are kept up-to-date and visible to client. In addition, that Black Line technical resources are keeping accurate records related to work completed and the status of assigned tasks.
  • Shared responsibility with the Senior Software Engineers for tracking project budgets and reconciliation of the financial projections on a regular basis to ensure projects stay within budget.
  • Responsible to manage communicating scope changes, overruns or other project deviations in a timely manner to Client contact.
    • Keeps written history of all client interaction and backup for decisions and results.
    • Engages with Sales team when necessary
  • Responsible to address client issues and service delivery problems to improve client satisfaction with Black Line. Interacts with office staff to respond to client needs.
  • Keep Black Line systems updated with activities and progress as appropriate.

To apply: 

Please fill out the application and attach your resume below.