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How Will Software Integration Help My Small Business?

Software Integration is the process that joins together different sub-systems (bringing together small components) of your business so data in each subsystem can become part of a larger, quicker, and easier data system. When small components are brought together to create a larger data system, software is integrated. Adding software integration to your small businesses [...]

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Password Strategy For Small Businesses

As technology expands in your Small Business, it becomes increasingly difficult (timely and expensive) to protect your Small Businesses ideas/content stored and transferred among employee and customer devices. More and more companies have become victims to hackers who steal their financial data for money or steal their ideas to gain an advantage in the marketplace [...]

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10 Internet Security Tips For Your Small Business

Internet security is something that you hear about from big corporations, the government, and even movies or TV shows. It’s supposed to be very important, but oftentimes is overlooked because companies or entities either have the “it won’t happen to us” mentality or they are just unaware of the importance of having internet security protocols [...]

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Custom Software Development: Rent Vs Buy Philosophy

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing custom software development over an off-the-shelf solution, so we’re here to break down one of the main differences down with a simple analogy. Think of picking the software solution that is best for your company like choosing between leasing a car that is already on [...]

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You Might Want to Consider A Custom Software Solution If This Sounds Like Your Company

Inaccurate data entry, unorganized files, complicated software to navigate, and spreadsheets everywhere, that should be updated regularly, but you know they probably aren’t. If that sounds like your company, then please keep reading, a custom software solution might be perfect for you. Now we know that just because a company is due for a software [...]

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3 Tips For A Successful IT Services Startup

Starting a up any sort of business is a challenge in today’s ultra competitive culture, but for IT service firms its even more challenging.  Technology moves fast and so does the competition.  Here are 3 things an IT services startup must do to succeed: Tip #1, Collaboration You really don’t think about sharing your clients [...]

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