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Roles & Responsibilities

Hiring & Recruiting:

  • Develops strategic recruitment objectives.
  • Manages and measures KPIs for employee retention.
  • Collaborates with leadership to identify positions that will be in support of BL’s growth and needs.
  • Drives the entire recruitment process, including working with outside staffing partners or leveraging internal recruiting methods.
  • Understands necessary qualifications and characteristics of each position and assists with creation of job descriptions.
  • Responsible for facilitating, alongside Operational team, employee onboarding and off-boarding.
  • Works with the BL Operations team and Department leads to establish and conduct new employee orientation program.

Ongoing Team Member Experience:

  • Supports and drives department-level and individual-level training programs.
  • Holds department managers accountable to establish and actively review individual development plans for each employee.
  • Builds, implements, and maintains BL’s performance management plans, policies, and development platform (Progression) with senior leaders.
  • Maintains employee files.
  • Understands HR law and policy.
  • Resolves conflict and directs necessary disciplinary procedures.
  • Facilities annual compensation and benefits reviews with department leads and team members.
  • Owns company handbooks and policies and helps identify and develop new policies.
  • Identifies and executes on opportunities to enhance BL’s team member experience.
  • Celebrates team member milestones.
  • Organizes team events throughout the year.
  • Drives “Black Line Gives Back” charitable initiatives.


  • Team oriented, collaborative, and demonstrates leadership capabilities
  • Either has previous professional experience or education in Human Resources
  • Either has previous professional experience in or interest in Recruiting
  • Exudes a passion for investing in company culture and owning initiatives geared towards strengthening BL’s “Best Place to Work” goal
  • Demonstrates initiative, accountability, and creativity
  • Is an inclusive leader and encourages diversity in opinions

Black Line’s Future

Black Line’s Moonshot is all about our future and what we know we can achieve. We borrowed the term “moonshot” from a speech on space exploration presented by President John Kennedy in 1961. The key to Kennedy’s vision was setting clear, specific goals, with a grand purpose and timeline. His speech and vision was inspirational and gave the nation purpose and direction.

We at Black Line admire the teamwork, dedication, and hard work that went into the collective effort to achieve the first moon landing – so much, in fact that we adopted our own Moonshot – one that will propel Black Line into its future. Is it a lofty goal? Sure. But things worth the effort don’t come easy.

Black Line has 3 primary goals that comprise our Moonshot:

  1. Black Line to be recognized by its employees as the best place to work
  2. Black Line to be the Gold Standard in the SMB market
  3. Black Line to expand into underserved markets as a recognized brand for technology services

These Moonshot goals drive our culture and provide us with a foundation to rely upon throughout our day-to-day and long-term planning.

  • We are always striving to do better and to be This also translates to an environment that values training and development. We look for team members who are intellectually curious, have a growth-mindset, and take initiative when it comes to their professional development. We want to continuously enhance the services we provide to our customers by bringing our ever-evolving talents into their solutions.
  • We are highly focused on our team members’ experiences by ensuring that they are clear in their responsibilities, equipped, guided, and values throughout their journeys at Black Line.
  • Cross-departmental collaboration is one of the keys to our success and leads to operational efficiency; our team is at our best when we work together while also operating with a sense of self-management and accountability.
  • Our customers and the relationships we commit to building with them is essential for us to service them as a true partner. We care about our clients, and we strive to transform their lives and enable their business to succeed through technology.

Our Values Make Us Different

At Black Line, we don’t just have values, we live values. Candidates who embody these values will not go unnoticed.

We value our team and their contributions.

  • We are happy to come to work. Every team member looks forward to the day, to doing their job, enjoys relationships with other team members, and enjoys the tasks they are called to do. Work is not a chore but an opportunity for doing something unique and finding satisfaction in a day well spent. Even is the work is not always glamorous, we attack it with gusto anyway.
  • We are happy to leave. This is work/life balance in action, looking forward to leaving work and rejoining our friends, family, and community. Re-engaging with those people we care about and engaging in those things that we enjoy most. We value the opportunity to maintain control over our personal life and activities outside of work.
  • We are hungry to excel. We engage the people around us in open and mutually beneficial ways, having pride in our work that translates into difference-making solutions. We spread the knowledge we have gained, seeking better ways to do things, and taking steps to make those things happen.
  • We are humble to learn. We thrive on having a “student’s mind” as we eagerly look for opportunities to learn and grow in our profession and life. We are creative, inquisitive, experimental, and always developing skills and learning with purpose. Technology is always changing, and each team member understands their knowledge is not complete without openness and positivity.
  • We care for our team and our clients. We work until completion, not leaving a job half-done, making sure the client is operational and the team is not left vulnerable or having to carry the load of others. We are leaders that “uplift” other Team Members, influencing them in a positive and constructive ways.

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