Being mobile friendly is crucial to most businesses now, especially an e-commerce businesses. If you have an e-commerce business, you need to make sure that your mobile game is on point because 30% of all online shopping purchases now happen on mobile phones. Just simply having a mobile friendly website or mobile app isn’t enough in today’s highly competitive online space.

To see how you can make your e-commerce mobile app or website better than the competition, we’re going to give you our 10 favorite tips from the think with Google report: Designing a Better Experience For Shoppers.


1) Make sure your e-commerce mobile site or app loads fast.

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2) Don’t ask for users to register up front and make sure to allow them to use a guest checkout at the end.

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3) Give full product details including how many in stock, sizes, colors, descriptions, photos/videos.

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4) Make it easy for users to see how much they are saving by showing the sale price and original price for discounts.

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5) Encourage users to generate content including writing reviews, answering other customer’s questions, and adding pictures/videos.

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6) Show related products to add on at a relevant time before checkout is complete. Often times that includes other items that are frequently purchased with that item.

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7) Buyers are very aware of retail scams and data breaches, so let them know that your checkout is secure. Commonly used is the lock symbol as a security indicator and an option to learn more about your security protection.

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8) It’s almost expected to have some form of convenient payment alternative when checking out, so having multiple options, such as Apple Pay or PayPal will require less effort for buyers to complete checkout.

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9) Have a detailed purchase summary after checkout so buyers can verify their transaction is correct, or refer to it later. Make sure to provide a purchase date, amount, order number, items ordered, and shipping information.

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10) Provide alternate login options to make things more convenient for buyers. People are usually already signed into Google or Facebook, so by just clicking to sign in with their profile eliminates the need to manually register.















With all of these tips, you should be on your way to a successful e-commerce mobile app or website design. If you’d rather just trust the experts to get it done, you can contact us here at Black|Line Consulting to take care of all of your e-commerce and mobile app needs.

Source: think with Google