To give you an idea of specific problems we have come across, and how we solved them, we present our “Case Study” series. These posts will give you an idea of how custom software and integration can help your business succeed.

AccuQuest Hearing Centers are on the leading edge of audiology, providing the most comprehensive and technologically advanced audio evaluations available. They also provide hearing aid fittings to those who have experienced hearing loss, and care recommendations to those in need of further assistance. Founded in Chicago only a few years ago, this company now provides care at 180 offices from coast to coast, serving nearly a thousand people a day.

As AccuQuest grew, they found that some of their business and data tasks, while well-defined and easily processed at small volumes, became inefficient, untimely, and labor intensive on a larger scale. To provide the best care possible, hundreds of employees across the country would need to communicate as if they were down the hall. AccuQuest required a solution that would reduce manual tasks and expedite processing, eliminating unneeded expenses while improving patient care.

Our Solution: Black Line Consulting worked closely with AccuQuest to design a Web Application that streamlined the entire transaction management process. This “Operations Dashboard” [ Pictured Above ], is now the central management system for most operational tasks, and with over a hundred users, it has greatly improved efficiency throughout the company.

One of the most exciting outcomes of the “Operations Dashboard” is how effective AccuQuest’s doctors, internal staff and management teams can collaborate on serving their customers.  In addition, Black Line Consulting has been able to incorporate these significant improvements, affordably, through the Black Line Software Maintenance program.

With each new request from AccuQuest, Black Line Consulting incorporates features that allow them to focus on what they do best: helping their customers improve their hearing.