Naperville, IL-February 16, 2009

Black | Line Consulting is an experienced information technology consulting firm. We focus on anticipating your IT needs and solving your business problems – so you can focus on what you do best-running your business. Since 1993, BLC (originally Advocate Consulting) has been a software development organization providing clients with standard and customized software solutions.  Recognizing our clients need for an even broader range of services, we now provide hardware and network solutions and support as well.  Black | Line’s goal is to help clients keep their cursors blinking and their company in the black by offering sound IT support to small to medium-sized businesses.   Our services include: Corporate Strategic Services, Network Support Services, and Hardware and Software Services.

Corporate Strategic Services

  • Helping with Tough Technology Decisions – BLC can help you make smarter technology choices by selecting the software and hardware that best fits your business needs and budget.  BLC helps you pick the equipment and software that will meet their needs both now and in the future.
  • Helping you Establish Business Processes – BLC can help you use technology to make your business processes easier, faster, and more reliable.
  • Establishing Business Continuity Plans – Can your business survive a crisis or natural disaster? BLC can help you protect your network, data and IT investment with careful continuity planning.

Network Support Services

  • Designing your Network – BLC can implement how your computers work together to get the job done.
  • Auditing your Network – BLC can track who can use your network resources and restrict the operations they can perform. BLC can help you avoid resource bottlenecks and internal/external security threats.
  • Maintaining your Network – BLC can help you keep system problems/downtime to a minimum so vital business operations can stay up and running.

Software and Hardware Services

  • Providing solutions for your business IT problem – Whether your IT problems are simple or complex, BLC offers the best in custom solutions or off-the-shelf business software. BLC works with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Novell, Sonicwall, Barracuda, Citrix, Cymphonix, Computer Associates and Net Source. Our supported programs include accounting, customer management, email, personal productivity, spam, virus protection and other custom applications.
  • Security Solutions – Data security is a top business concern today.  BLC offers the best in high-speed firewalls and network intrusion protection to keep your business data private.  BLC also supports and maintains easy-to-use VPN (virtual private network) systems so telecommuters, sales personnel, and branch offices can access company resources and data while away from the home office.
  • Integrating Your Business Systems – Does your accounting system “talk” to your customer relationship software?  BLC can design interfaces so system components and programs work better together.
  • Developing your Website – BLC can design and support your business website while protecting customer transaction data and restricting intruder access to system resources.
  • Making Hardware Connections – BLC has the connections to bring you the best in hardware-workstations, servers, PCs, etc.  Our partners can provide your business with the same components, warranties and support as higher-priced brand name systems with a price tag to fit your business budget.